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Interview to the Designer

I tried to define this design challenge with few words. But I’m not able to do it, I thought.

There were too much elements that have been blended together when I started to sketch the first paper sheet. History,charm, passion and enthusiasm as well as fear, all at once. Many elements sometimes in contrast each other have been joined to create the distinctive 427′s body shapes. A tough challenge: evoke the classic American muscle cars spirit, enhanced by modern design and inspired by the taste and the elegance of the Italian style. Without meddling with the legendary roadsters of the swinging sixties, even though this is mainly a tribute to them. We had to create something unique but not excessive, something new with a special focus on the glorious past to which we wanted to pay tribute. The outcome has been the distinctive style of Puritalia 427, a car that brings along all the passion that drove us during the design.

The distinctive elements of the car have been designed and brought together carefully. The 427’s design is an harmonic contrast between elegance and aggression. It’s the outcome of a development effort carried out in parallel with the design of the chassis and mechanical components.  A unique style, a sort of skin that seamless surrounds all components hidden inside. 

A wonderful challenge, the truly dream of any Designer. I had the opportunity to be part of this challenge and see my dream brought to life. A special thanks to Paolo, the Puritalia Founder, who asked me 2 years ago to join the project. From that time being my dream started and I hope that my work does dream every car guy out there that lives with my same passion.

Fabio Ferrante  - Chief Designer